13% of Australia's Engineers

are Female


Currently in Australia's Engineering Workforce, only 13% are female.

While this is not representative of Australia's population, herein lies a possible solution to meeting Australia's shortage of engineers.

Australia Faces a Shortage of Engineers


According to a 2015 paper* published by Engineers Australia, we are currently experiencing a shortage of engineers, with only 43% of Australians being able to meet the current demands of our Engineering Profession.

Australia's Leaky Pipeline

As early as Grade 4, 67% of girls lose confidence in their ability to do Math.**


By the time they finish school, only 15% of undergraduate engineering students are female.​

It it to be noted that 90% of females chose engineering because they were confident in their maths skills.***

Welding the Gap

Right now, we don't think we can increase the number of women entering the engineering workforce. It makes no sense when not even 1/5 of our engineering undergraduates are women. At some universities it's close to 25% which is really exciting but we've barely made a dent in the last 15 years overall. There's still a long way to go!

That's why our focus is on increasing the number of females pursuing an engineering degree to make up 50% of Australian Engineering Undergraduates.

In 2015 13,485 males applied to do engineering compared to 2,556 females.

So our goal is to help 10,000+ girls in Australian Schools make the change to Engineer their Future. Every. Year.


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