At The STEAM Engine Co., we don't really believe in instructions. When we created Violet no one gave us a set of instructions to figure out how to make her. We just had to try different things, make plenty of mistakes, learn from those failures, and eventually we made what Violet is today.

So that's exactly what our Violet workshop does. Your students will get to build Violet without any instructions! And we 100% encourage plenty of mistakes. We do this because your successes are defined by your perseverance to learn from and overcome your failures.

Think of an escape room but there are 25 people in the room and you're all racing against the clock to convince your client (us - The STEAM Engine Co.) that your design for a city should get the engineering contract.


But! like in the real world, your client will change their mind about what they want or new legislation may even ban a particular material being used.

Can your students come up with a design we haven't thought of yet?

To learn more about STEAM City: click here


As one of our facilitators put it, bumble-B gives your students a creative license to code.


In 60-90 minutes your students will be able to get up to if/else statements - possibly even arrays and nested if/else statements where they can create their own animated sequences or a device that can be used to a solve a real world problem.


Longer workshops can see your students create their own games like pong, tic-tac-toe or space invanders.

To learn more about bumble-B:
click here

Looking for term-long material for an elective or digi-tech class at your school?

We're currently taking on pilot schools for 2020!


What's Included?

The Workshop
Q&A Discussion

A chance for your students to ask current female engineering students about their experiences during VCE, university, engineering internships, etc.

No boring presentations that lecture at your students - we promise!

Impact Report

Choose from our range of coding, robotics and engineering workshops. All our workshops are customisable. Looking for a 3-day workshop? Or looking to combine a range of our education kits? We can make it work for you!

As much as we want to learn how to improve our workshops for future students, we care more about whether our workshops have a positive impact on your students.

So we conduct before and after surveys to gauge, in particular, perceptions, enjoyment, confidence and likelihood of doing engineering. Since engineering is not a standard subject at school, we also compare their enjoyment/confidence levels around maths, science, design and coding.

We then compile this into a concise report for your school's reference - we've found that sometimes even your students will benefit from seeing the difference following the Q&A Discussion.


These are coded surveys so as to maintain the anonymity of your students. We can also use this system to track individual progress for your reference, at an additional cost.

Before you Book a Workshop with Us

We absolutely love creating our custom workshops for you! It gives our team an excuse to take some time out from our rigorous engineering studies, talk about something other than the Bachelor and use colourful post-it notes.

We're committed to creating an enriching and unique experience for your students. We also understand that every school is different, timetabling can be hard to work around and sometimes you're just looking for something other than your standard robotics maze challenge.


That's why when you book a workshop with us, we want you to tell us exactly what you want. We'll then design a workshop tailored for your school's needs.

Step 1

Tell us a bit more about who you would like to organise this workshop for, number of classes and number of students per class.


Primary: Yr 5-6

Secondary: Yr 7-10

Tertiary: 1st-2nd Yr U/G

Step 2

Tell us a bit more about the kinds of skills you would like your students to develop.

This also helps us guide the Q&A discussion or presentation we conduct at the end of each workshop. 


Growth Mindset

[Confidence | Perseverance]

Spatial Reasoning

[2D-3D Translation]


[Communication | Teamwork
Project Management
Design Thinking | Critical Thinking]

Step 3

Tell us which type of workshop you would like your students to do.



[STEAM City]




[bumble-B | STEAM City | Violet]

We've also accommodated requests from schools to combine these. I.e. bumble-B & Violet, STEAM City & Violet

Step 4

Tell us how long you would like the workshop for and a range of preferred dates.


(Typical Timeframes)


Yr 7-10: 1 Day

bumble-B Coding

Yr 7-10: 90 Mins

Yr 5-6: 120 Mins

Violet Robotics

Yr 7-10: 90 Mins

Yr 5-6: 120 Mins

We've also accommodated requests from schools for 3-day to week-long incursions.

Step 5

After submitting the form, one of our friendly team members will be in touch in the next 1-2 business days.

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