• Violet doesn't come with instructions...Sounds super scary right? Well we found it only made students more motivated to make plenty of mistakes to learn from!


  • Block-Based Coding (similar to Scratch)

  • Written Code (C++ - Also used in Industry) via Arduino

  • Check out Violet's Colour Sensor in the Video ->->->


  • Parts of Violet are not perfect. With 3D printing your students can have a go at designing a more efficient design for Violet. We're super excited to see what they come up with!

Year 8 Student from Methodist Ladies' College coded Violet to distinguish between 8 Colours!!

Please Note: This kit is currently not for sale.


B's Life Cycle

bumble-B is a bit special. He's a little bit awkward-looking - we admit, aesthetics wasn't on our minds when we designed him. See, one of our clients told us about an IT-specific (I.e. Non-Engineering) event they were running. We felt that Violet wasn't quite right for them so we pitched the idea of bumble-B.


They loved the concept so much that we found ourselves with mere months to design, manufacture and then package the kits before we had to deliver.


To our surprise, bumble-B was such a success with students that we sold out our first batch in a space of a few months. We even had one student tell us how much she hated coding (she hated it a lot by the way - it was a very emotive yet, eloquent speech) that she didn't even want to attend our workshop. After meeting bumble-B though, she fell in love with coding and was determined to get her hands on one to finish her Space Invaders game.


Trust us, we honestly did not think bumble-B would be as loved as much as this. So if it makes your students fall in love with the challenges and rewards coding has to give, then we will promise to continue making our special little B.

Please Note: This kit is currently not for sale.


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Please Note: This kit is currently not for sale.

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